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A Carol for Kent



Title:  A Carol for Kent (Song of Suspense #3)

Author:  Hallee Bridgeman

Story Length:  242

Year:  2014

Publisher:  Olivia Kimbrell Press

This third story in the Song of Suspense series follows Assistant Commonwealth Attorney Carol Mabry’s journey to love.  She has been a single mom for over eight years.  She arrived in Richmond all those years ago alone, pregnant and seeking help at the door of her boyfriend’s parent’s house.  They told her he had no interest in her or their child.  The parents have continued to give some support Carol financially and have a good relationship with their granddaughter.  Carol thought she loved Bobby Kent, but when she learned he wanted nothing to do with her or their daughter, she began to hate him.  As the years passed, she graduated law school and got a prestigious job.  Now, she is working a case with what appears to be a serial killer, killing a woman every five days.  At the start of the case, she also is face with Bobby Kent back in her life and telling her daughter who her father is.  She is also trying to deal with the fact that Bobby’s parents lied to her for the last eight years.  Can she focus on the case before any more women die?  What is she going to do with Bobby back in her life?  Can she forgive him?

Bobby Kent, famous country singer, has ended his most recent tour and has the next several months off.  He decides to go home to Richmond and see his parents.  When he arrives unexpectedly, he sees what can only be his daughter for the first time and confronts his parents.  He can’t believe they have lied to him all this time.  He wants to be a part of his daughter’s life, but doesn’t want to disrupt Carol’s life either.  What’s a famous singer to do?  The more time he spends with Carol and Lisa, the more he wants to be a permanent part of both of their lives.  Can he forgive his parents for what they did?

One of my favorite parts of this story was the strong relationship with Christ both Carol and Bobby had.  Even amidst an extremely painful betrayal, through God’s strength, forgiveness is extended.  There were some great tension-filled moments as well as moments of tenderness and love.  My only negative about the book is that it was too short!  I didn’t want the story to be over so quickly!  This is another great suspense-filled story by Hallee.  There are also recipes and an excerpt from the first book in the series included as well as discussion questions about this third book in the series.

My rating is 5 stars.

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