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Why Did We Become Angry

Why Did We Become Angry - Paula Rose Micleson My five star review of “How did We Become angry?” by Paula rose Michelson
This book is something everyone needs. For those of you who have had a perfect life, it is important that you know some of what those of us whose lives have been affected by angry loved ones who like to put others down, or our own anger have gone through or are going through.
For others, like me, who have gone through the fire and come out stronger, there is always something new we can learn or learn over again.
I have come a long way, but I needed to hear. “To fear anger or its effects is tantamount to being stuck in the past,” and “…and we can only be healed of issues we know we have, living a past that hurts so much we wouldn’t wish it on anyone, the only way to heal is through what happened.”
One day when I was sitting outside on the porch steps with a book in my hand a friend had given me, I was thinking I didn’t need it and was doing just fine; but I opened it and begin to read. I sat out there and read the whole thing and thanked God for sending it.
God gave me a verse to heal me and showed me how to apply everything I read in his word and every sermon to that verse for twenty years. Running The Race as a Winner is the result of that verse. God has given all of the women that see this is a blessed book to show you the way out of anger against yourself and others. You who are wise will get this book and never be sorry.