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Wright for the King Of Glory

Wright for the King Of Glory - Mary C. Findley This non-fiction book is full of important information for all Indie writers, especially Christian Indie writers. I was glad i got it right away. I use the dictionary and a good writers thesaurus and I still need help remembering all the rules of good grammar. I have a hard time because I am 75 years and have forgotten over half of everything I ever knew; however, a lot - or should I say most - of today's authors never learned it to begin with.
I have read a lot of books - good stories badly written - that would have a lot more enthusiastic readers who would recommend these books to potential readers after them, if the grammar and syntax were good.
The author, Mary Findley, has included instructions for things like formatting for kindle, editing, and proofreading.
The most important thing, to me, about this book is Mary's advise to Christians about how to reflect God's glory through your writing. That is, after all, our purpose in writing.