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Reading and writing books is what I do.

The Night I Danced with Rommel

The Night I Danced with Rommel - Elisabeth Marrion I had a hard time putting this book aside to do anything else until it was finished. This about a lot more than a dance; it is the story of a German girl who lives on the border of Poland and goes to Berlin to work, marries a young officer and gets involved in how it feels to be Polish or Jewish - actually anyone who wasn't blond and blue eyed in those years. She was lucky enough to have auburn hair and a strong personality, which she certainly needed during the war years. She lost friends and loved ones and sacrificed for the ones she loved, and that dance had a lot of punch to it. I wish this book was required reading for high school students; and know that anyone who reads it will be glad they did. I was a very young child during the second world war and lived safely in the U.S - even then the fear touched me some - but this brave family lived right in the center of what their unwanted leader was doing to the world, including to their own country. I wish our fearless leaders would read it and THINK.