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Slaugh: Demon of the Night

Slaugh: Demon of the Night - Darrell Case This is a psychological thriller with a wonderful twist. While we get a vivid picture of the psychological character of the killer; we get an even better look at the spiritual fight that goes on around us all the time. Other characters in the story are very well developed too, so we get a look into the lives of some saints who are prayer warriors and have discernment, which makes them fearless and lovable. I listened to this all day and begrudged taking the time to eat a bite at 4p.m. The narrator does a fantastic job. the writer is gifted and thorough. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys thrillers and anyone who doesn't usually like the genre - like me - but loves a well written book or enjoys seeing christians portrayed as they really are. There is more than one character study in this book and one lady stands out as a kindred spirit for me.