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Reading and writing books is what I do.

Beginning Anew

Beginning Anew - Paula Rose Michelson Each book is better than the one before - and I wouldn't have thought it was possible. Every Christian needs to read these novels, because they are not just a beautiful love story, they are full of information we, as children of the living God, need to understand about other family members, and what better way to get that information then in three lovely romance books. More than romance - real love.
This is one of the paragraphs from the third book, The Naomi Chronicles:
“Looking at her husband with unrestrained joy, Naomi nodded. “Please do not misunderstand me; I was content to go on as I had. Then you came along and turned my life from one of unknown waiting to an accompaniment, where each of us supports and enhances the other. Like a duet, where one takes the major keys and the other takes the minor keys.””
As you read, be still and let your soul sway to the music of their song.
Paula Rose is God’s gift to his family and this woman’s writing is her gift to us. A gift should never be rejected, especially when it is from God and our sister both.
Beginning Anew will be out in February