I Read, I Write

Reading and writing books is what I do.

The Prodigal Prophet

The Prodigal Prophet - Dylan Morrison I am having a lot of empathy for this guy and am kind of mesmerized by the book. It is a well written and well edited book too. I think you would like it. When I had read 50.0% of the book, I said,"This gets better as I read it. On one page he says,"Maybe this is what salvation was suppose to be all along...not a set of beliefs or practices but a wild love affair..." He's sure right about that. Reading this is a real pleasure."
And when I was 77.0% finished I wrote, "This book makes me want to read on forever and I am relating so much of it to my own journey. I can see, in retrospect, from reading this, how god was working through some bad choices of mine to get me where he wanted me. I would have to recommend it to anyone interested in psychology or having a love affair with their creator. That covers a large area."