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The Trihedral of Chaos

The Trihedral of Chaos - Frank A. Ruffolo The Trihedral of chaos by Frank A. Ruffolo is a three book thriller with a twist of romance, touch of the supernatural through Steve's vision of his wife and the Virgin Mary while he is slain in the spirit; a date with the President, a NASCAR race; and the illegal sale of spent uranium - all in The Crescent Star, which is the name of the freighter carrying the stuff to the west where...
The next book is The Falcon's Crest. Steve is called back out of retirement and back into service as a consultant. Ammonium nitrate and disal fuel play a part, along with the National Archives building, in this intense thriller interspersed with the love of a newly married couple - and the message "May God bless us..."
The third book, Yellowcake is about more uranium ore from Iraq - 550 metric tons of yellowcake and a New Year's celebration end this trilogy full of danger, intrigue, and adventure - sprinkled with the love of Steve and Diane.