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Times of Turmoil

Times of Turmoil - Cliff Ball We have all heard those conspiracy theories – or are the well educated guesses? – about the ultra-rich of the world who have been running things behind the scenes in the world for centuries. In Times Of Turmoil by Cliff Ball we have an example of what one of these families could have been plotting since the second world war.
Cliff does a good job of giving us a compare/contrast report of two families.
One is his idea of a worst case scenario: a portrait of one family whose only desire is more and more power. Money is important only as a means to further power. War and terror are another means to dominance. Everything they do is centered on aggregate power in the world for that one household.
On the other end of the spectrum is a God-fearing Baptist family whose only desire is to live and love in the Light of the God of Peace.
I recommend this book to anyone who likes history, anyone who is interested in a thrilling – and frightening – end time books; and all other Christians.