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Look Not Unto the Marrow

Look Not Unto the Marrow - Bob Fantina The Book starts with a high school graduation and the boy, Roger thinking about how much he loves Pam and their future together. They will be going to the same college, and although his older brother tries to convince him to marry pam right away, they plan to wait untill between their sophomore and junior years in college. His roommate in college goes to peace meetings while Pam and Roger study, oblivious to the war in Viet Nam and the government's involvement in illegal and un-natural acts. Then, only 6 or 7 months before their expected marriage, the government sends Roger his "greetings". Pam and Roger pledge their undying love to each other, never dreaming that the ugliness of that era could destroy even that. We get a look at what kind of destructive training Roger got before they sent him to Viet Nam and the horrors of...He lost his only friend, his only love, and his mental health; then they sent him "home" - but he wasn't home, he was still somewhere lost in the dark of the horrors of the war. What will happen to him? Is there any hope? There is, but will he find and grasp it?