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Töten ist ganz einfach

Töten ist ganz einfach - B.C. Schiller "Royal International, in the Czech Republic, is what keeps the Drakovic family, in luxury. It's chairman is Bagdan Drakovic, a man who two policemen would love to put behind bars: Tony Braun and Pavil Hajek. The deputy chief of police in Prague and Hajek's boss, doesn't want anyone messing with the Drakoic family's empire, even though Milan Drakoic has been the victim of a brutal murder. He wants the murder solved, but without giving Royal International any bad publicity. The inspectors learn that Bagdan, along with two other men of questionable character, are involved in an illegal fight club, called the Thanatos Foundation, and a web blog called killingiseasy. Meanwhile Tony got help from a computer geek who works for Anna, the owner of an advertising agency that Bagdan Drakonvic wants to control - and the plot thickens...
The book continues with twists that make the reader consider who might be doing these brutal murders. This person seems to have a duel personality and there are at least two of the characters who seem to qualify. Then the story takes a different twist and it looks like everyone was wrong, so who can it be. Anna's gone off with someone obviously very dangerous and Tony is on his way to rescue her. The suspense and the breathtaking pace never let up, just get more intense as the story runs to the goal line. There is a lot of blood and gore, but not exclusively so. The story has depth as do the characters. The author does a good job of keeping the action going with meaning all the way. The translator did a good job of making it a smooth read.