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On the Square - Decoding Freemasonry

On the Square - Decoding Freemasonry - Stevan V. Nikolic The author starts out by giving a history of Freemasonry in the world for the past four hundred or so years in relation to world history as a whole. Then he explains the different aspects of the philosophy. It is quite interesting, and although I knew I would enjoy reading more about the subject, I had no idea how much. The author is very knowledgeable and writes better than the average author. When he explains the moral and philosophical aspects of Freemasonry, it is easy to understand why he is a respected author of many books on the subject. I appreciate his opinions and feel honored that I have been given the opportunity to read his work. This is a book that anyone interested in history, philosophy, or how man (plural) can make this world of great technological advances a better place to be. It takes inner strength of character to keep the speedy evolution of all things material from getting out of control.