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The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary - Hemant V. Jadham I am really enjoying this book.It is richly textured, enticing, and absorbing. the author is smooth and polished in his work. He builds strong, complex characters. The romantic angel is thought- provoking and entertaining - even when the passion is intense

The first chapter reveals a seasoned author - and he's not. This is his first book, so I am amazed. My next impression is the intelligence behind the writing. It's like reading a well-written technical journal with the adventure of a novel thrown in for good measure. My next impression is that it's a good personality sketch. The characters are immediately decimated in living color. By the end of the first chapter I'm impressed more than anything with the clear picture of human government. Chapter two is starting with a look into the upper class Indian family that proves to be as interesting as the first.

Then his father passes away and leaves him a forest sanctuary, and an affectionate giant of a dog; he meets Gurubhau and hears the history of his land. That is when his life begins - this is the beginning of some interesting stuff. This is a great book. there is no way this story could have been better. I will be reading it again and again.