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Beautiful (Beautiful Mess Series)

Beautiful (Beautiful Mess Series) - Kiexiza Rodriquez The book begins with two good poems and goes on to show a picture of the life of a diva - then it gets better and better. It's a story of a young woman who hides a deep fear and shame so far inside she has to leave her loving family and friends, and God; and go into a career that will take all of her time and energy - an ice queen, rich and successful, but alone.
Love is a strong part of this book - the family love between old friends and family members, and the mature love of couples. Trust and the lack of trust; and the tensions that arise when trust is an issue. It's so easy to shove hurt or shame far away inside where one hopes it will never surface instead of sharing it and embracing the consequences.
When she turns back to God and starts to thaw out, the danger is her unused emotions and lack of experience. With God to guide and a little help from one of his messengers...well, I don't want to spoil it for you, it is too good a story.