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Babel First Light

Babel First Light - Sherry Chambles Babel First Light

This story is a living and breathing experience. The world set before the reader vibrates with life. The characters draw me to them and their story, engrossing me in their world - in a time and space I could never go without them.

The story takes me into the legends of Nimrod, the tower of Babel, and deeper than the legends, into the presence of angels and the power of God. Now I am about to go with two young people on a quest as exciting as the quest for the holy grail. All the time I keep the company of unforgettable/likable characters. What more could I ask for in a pleasurable and exciting read?

The tension keeps building as the young people travel toward their destination. Evil is always one step behind them and danger continually trips them, but they fight off the foe as they are confronted; and always near by, the messengers of God watch.

There are even some pre-historic animals for added tension. The issues of trust and the fear of others misunderstanding one are thought provoking. I wonder how my trust in God will effect my ability to trust others and let God handle the results when I am willing to give up the desire to always be in control.
And how does our faith effect others? Are we better witnesses of the power and glory of God by our words, or by our faith in our actions?
This is a good story. Tolkien and Lewis, you have a rival.
This beautiful fantasy, full of splendid imaginary gripped me from the start.