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Back on Murder

Back on Murder - J. Mark Bertrand Back On Murder is the story of a cop who has been in a fog since the death of his daughter. It isn't just the death of his daughter, of course, but that all comes out as you read. Then he gets called in, not as an active cop, but sort of as part of homicide - but not a viable or working part - and happens to notice something no one else is paying any attention to. It brings him out of his fog but he has to prove himself before anyone will listen to him, cause he's been comatose so long. The long and the short of it is: that's not easy, and he has to take a couple of side trips to get to his goal. There are many nuances to this story and the reader is never sure what will happen next. I thought I had a few answers, but well, it wasn't that simple. One of the things I liked best about this story - and I love a good mystery - was the religious aspect. The hero isn't "religious" but the people who are are treated with dignity and respect. They aren't portrayed as anything other than normal human beings. That in itself was a real treat.