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The Twelfth Juror

The Twelfth Juror - Alexandra Swann, Joyce Swann, Israel Swann This mystery/thriller is an intense character study of the person before and after a brutal attack; and the changes in a life after an encounter with the living God. Megan is a defense lawyer who becomes a victim, a law breaker to defend herself but only succeeds in becoming a victim again. By the time she becomes the twelfth juror in a murder/rape trial she has the wisdom of God to help her make the right decisions. The story does a wonderful job of showing the way God works in the lives of his children to accomplish his will in the world.
This book is not an easy one day read for a fun afternoon. It is a thought provoking, serious book.
I recommend this book highly to all victims of rape and any other kind of savagery. It was a great help to me and it's been years since I went through any of the trauma associated with acts of this sport.