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Reading and writing books is what I do.

Knowing God

Knowing God - J.I. Packer Our aim is to know God
Who loved while we were yet in sin.
I enter in.
His righteousness is mine.

Eternal life is knowing God.
Being loved and cared for by him
I am known of by him
And Jesus Lord is mine.

The best thing in life is to know God -
My father, my Shepherd, my King divine.
Joy not dim,
Is this fellowship so fine.

God reveals himself to man
Through the incarnation of Jesus his Son.
To know God, We must Know Jesus.

Jesus the King, the Lamb,
The Shepherd, the Door, the Way bids us come;
To know God through knowing Jesus.

Filled with the Holy Spirit,
I develop a deep acquaintance with with Jesus, my God and my Savior.