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The Priviledged Planet
The Priviledged Planet

My Review of The Priviledged Planet by Guillermo Gonzalez and Jay W. Richasrds

I found this book to be a fascinating and well writen scientific evaluation of the uniqueness of our solar system and Earth in particular. It is not just for scientists however. It is written so that even someone like me  - who clepted the sciences in college in the 1990s so I could finish college with a degree when I was closer to 70 than 60 years old – could understand and appreciate it.


This book has a lot of illistrations and there are 19 plates in the center of the book for greater understanding and pleasure.


On page 231 the authors talk about Copernicus, how he lived during the Renaissance and early Reformation which were periods of enormous change and upheaval – periods that helped form his own revolutionary ideas. He saw the problems of Aristotelian “epicycles” and “equants” and wrote his mathematical model which proposed that the earth rotats around its axis while it revolves around the sun along with the other planets. That was in 1543 so the idea was static then, but it opened the door for Newton to go through.The authors show Copernicus to have been “a Christian neo-Platonism in which the material worls itself, as the creation of an omnipotent God, could reflect the precision of mathematics, something unthinkable to the strict neo-Platonist.”


There are almost a hundred pages of notes for the reader to persue.


I recommend this book to both arm chair scientists and anyone who likes to go to You-Tube and see the videos from outer space, especially Christians.

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