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Title:  Stain of Guilt (Hidden Faces #2)

Author:  Brandilyn Collins

Pages:  353

Year:  2004

Publisher:  Zondervan

After reading the first book in this series and finding it just so-so, I was hesitant to continue reading the series, but I’m so glad I did.  This second book takes place soon after book one, Brink of Death.  Annie has continued with her training to be a forensic artist by taking classes.

Annie Kingston is hired to draw a sketch of an alleged murder, who has been on the run for 20 years.  Her drawing will appear on a famous television show that hunts down wanted criminals.  In order to draw an accurate, age-accelerated image, Annie interviews people who worked the crime scene of the murders as well as family members of the victims and criminal.  While “getting inside the head” of this evil man in preparation for drawing him, Annie is also dealing with a delinquent teenage son.  Her son is involved with drugs and hanging out with the wrong crowd.  Annie also is dodging making a commitment to the Lord.  In the last book, she promised she would seek Him.  She has started going to church, taking her children, but won’t make the move to make Him Lord of her life.  She doesn’t want to give up control.

As Annie begins her interviews, she receives an anonymous threat.  She quickly involves Detective Chetterling, who was also the acting detective in the last book.  She refuses to bow to the threat and continues her interviews.  Then, she begins her drawing.  She is almost finished when she is kidnapped and held as a hostage.  She manages to escape and pledges to make God the Lord of her life.  New evidence is discovered for this 20-year-old case.   Annie realizes the truth about who is guilty of murder.  Will she be able to use this to prevent more violence?  Will she follow through on her promise to God?

This book seems to have lots more tension that builds up to a great climactic scene at the end of the story, which I thought made for a great story!  Annie is depicted as a single mother with real problems that anyone can relate to, which made her easy to identify with and care about.  Her journey to a saving faith also rang with truth.  The struggle to maintain control when at the end of your rope, wondering why you still want control of such a messy life was so real!  I’m looking forward to reading book three!!

My rating is 5 stars.

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