I Read, I Write

Reading and writing books is what I do.

Notes on writing fiction


Draw a true portrait of people and leave it to the reader to draw cxonclusions about their morals.
See humans as they really are and indulge in no conscious distortion.
Empathize with every character you write about. Put yourself in his or her shoes and feel with them.Not sympathy or admiration, but profound understanding.
Each character must act in strict consistence with his or her assigned characteristice.
Abserve and record without assignment of moral values.
Be able to write a complete author biography of every character you write about.
Draw an emotional response, from reader to character, from the first page of the story.
Give yoursef equally to each character you create.

Source: http://akleslieprice.wordpress.com/2014/10/27/notes-on-writing-fiction