I Read, I Write

Reading and writing books is what I do.

My Notes On Writing Fiction

Adding Interest

Add interest to the story with a mental picture of the enviroment.
Introduce color with the physical location.
Use the mental reactions of the characters to create atmosphere.

Add variety by using narriation, description, and dialogue judiciousely. Weave required narriation with a light touch into the fabric of the tale as it progresses and use a sure hand with color and contrast.

Prepare for finality so that when it comes it will be believable. It must satisfy the reader even when it leaves the door open for the next book in a series.


Structere: the story is an organic creation consisting of parts put together for a desired effect with definate plans. The author must not only put the parts together for the desired effect, but the author must design the plan.

Analysis: competent criticism, by the author, will point to the strengths and weaknesses of the story.

Form: Use a predetermined technical method of construction. What parts compose the story?

Theme: What is the story intended to accomplish when it is finished? Example: The story is about the family’s transition from social butterflies in the east ot town builders in the west.

Motif: a declaration of the author’s purpose; a simple proverb or tag. Example: The Lord sometimes takes us into troubled waters – not to drown us – but to cleanse us.

The outline will illistrate the motif.