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My Notes on Fiction writing

Elements of Fiction

Dramatic action

Think first of problems, conflict, struggle and the stalwart trials of your hero or heroine.


The plot is the plan, the design, or the blueprint for the story. It provides the superstructure for constructing a beautiful piece of art. They don’t happen without effort and are built into the story like studdings in the wall of a house. The bigger the problem, the more heroic your lead character will be as he or she faces and solves the problem.

Items your plot must contain:
1. Abstract values which show the triumph of good over evil in the major conflict.
2. Contrasting characters in the story action, each strongly motivated in his efferts to achieve a definate goal.
3. And urgent must with an obvious can’t.
4. A situation which appears insoluable, followed by an ingenious solution which is believable though surprising.
5. A moral theme or an unstated premise to which the story serves as a sort of parable.
6. A special feature ingredient for a fresh angle.
7. My own expression of the subject matter, the era, area, and characters of the story.

Types of Conflict

  1. Person vs Nature
    Person vs Complication such as hidden clues which hinder solving a crime
    3. Person vs Person
    4. Person vs Himself such as two or more desires tearing at his heart. The stronger the conflict, the greater the chance of a sale.
  2. Name and race
    Outstanding features
    3. Kind of clothing worn
    4. Food he likes
    5. State of health
    6. Hobbies
    7. Sports
    8. Work
    9. Family
    10. Appearence of his house
    11. Education
    12. Ambitions
    13. Wants
    14. Fears
    15. Money
    16. Friends
    17. Things read
    18. Music
    19. Like flowers? Yes or no
    20. Travel
    21. Love
    22. Political convictions
    23. Religion
    24. What makes him or her appealing
    25. Biggest problem

Questions you must be able to answer about your characters before you write about them

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