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My Review of

Miss Marple’s Last Case
Sleeping Murder
Agatha Cristie

This book was first copywritten in 1976, the year that Agatha Christie died. The story is about a young woman recently married and come from New Zealand where she grew up to England. She is looking for a house that will be home to her and her new husband. She finds the perfect place – a place that feels like “home” from the very first. The house is definantly home and strange things start happening right away. When she realizes there is a mystery there that needs solving, both she and her husband are determined to solve it. Miss Marple suggests that it might be better to let well enough alone, but the young couple are determined to dig up the past. The past is just as determined to bury anything or anyone who tries to dig it up.

Agatha Cristie does both show and tell in her books and that makes them a lot more interesting than the writers of today who leave so much out of their writing. Adjetives and adverbs, when used in moderation, add depth to the story. Agatha Christie wasn’t afraid to use them. I think this must be one of the best and I recommend it to anyone who loves a good mystery.