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Dianna's Source of Strength
Dianna's Source of Strength

This is the second book in the Baker family Saga. Dianna is growing up and Richard is grown and ready for Princeton. Jonathan's not doing well and his doctor son, Miles, can't discover why. A death in the family effects everyone. Chester Thomas is as old as Richard physically, but he is worse with age, while Richard is more mature. Dianna looks good to him, but he scares and sickens Dianna. Then three other men move into Ferndale - a man and his two grown sons, Dianna looks good to both of them but only the younger one pays any attention to Dianna. Unfortunately he does not impress Dianna, but his brother is the answer to her dreams. In the midst of this unhappy love triangle Chester Thomas comes back to the west intent on evil.

Source: http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/468940