I Read, I Write

Reading and writing books is what I do.

Reading good books

I have been having a bit of trouble since I had to get my nose operated on and now I have a head cold that is keeping me from doing a good job – really, anything at all. But I have my ipad with the ability to make the words large enough to read without my glasses. (I can’t see with my glasses too well since the operation.)

All the above is to say that I have been reading some good books. I finished one by Lesiie Caine last night. I enjoyed it immensly in spite of the missplaced words, missing words, etc. that every book seems to be full of in this electronic age. I have learned to overlook a lot of mistakes while I’m reading. That’s probably why I overlook my own mistakes whien I proof read. I noticed in the last years that even the reprinted books from the days of the old printing press when there were no mistales have mistakes.

I hope you all can learn to enjoy a good book without being stumped by the electronis errors too. Read some of Leslie’s books. She is quite an entertaining writer.

Happay reading.

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